40 Days - Seeing God's Glory

Biblically there is some significance to the number 40. The number 40 often represents God’s judgment, testing, or purification. Or put another way, 40 often represents a time when God reveals His glory by saving and sustaining his people through judgment or adversity.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline to accompany and intensify prayer as we face significant situations. In many ways, fasting is an acknowledgment that there is a battle raging around us that we cannot fight, let alone win, with our strength. Fasting is an intentional letting go of everyday comforts as a reminder of our need for God’s love and intervention in the situation we face.

I invite you to join us on this journey. There are many ways you can join in.

  • Be part of worship services each week in September.
  • Read the 40-Day reading plan
  • Read the book Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson.
  • Fast as God leads you. Change your diet or give up something specific, for the full 40 days or just a portion on them. Prayerfully ask God what he would want you to do.

However you join in, I hope you will focus your attention on God, His love and power, and our need for Him. 

Read the Book on Prayer
Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson
Get the Book