February 06, 2021 Susan Herold

January Income

January Income

Financial Update

Welcome to the monthly financial blog. I will provide a monthly update for you to clearly see the income received and compare it to the expenses for the month. On first glance we look like we are falling short of the goal as we have not met the budget at 100%. Then when you compare the income to expenses it looks like we are in great shape. A surplus above our expenses! That is true. We are working hard to make sure that the heat in the building is low, auxiliary appliances are unplugged and many resources are not being used. Of course spending is low due to many ministries not meeting in their traditional manner.

The budget was formulated to provide for an additional staff member to provide care and teaching for our children and youth. The elders and staff continue to pray about clarity regarding hiring a pastor in this important role. More will be presented at the end of this month.

Thank you for your faithful giving during this uncertain time. It has been a privilege and an inspiration to see your giving pour into the mailbox when we are not meeting whether with a stamp or electronically.

Do you want to check your giving record? Comment Below and I will send you all the tools you need.