August 12, 2021 Eryn Bee

Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another

What does it mean to encourage each other? To truly encourage each other? Not the passing salutation, or even, "hope you're doing well". But encouragement that is grounded in faith and rooted in the truths of God's word. 

"Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."

-1 Thessalonians 5:11

Paul isn't saying, encourage one another for the time being. He isn't saying, encourage one another only in difficult times. The passage is speaking on being prepared for the day when Jesus returns. He is telling the church to BE READY! Not to be caught sleeping in the dark, because we are children of light. When he speaks of encouragement, he is not merely talking about the present circumstances, but rather to keep our eyes on the goal. The day of the Lord! Paul wants our encouragement to be built on sanctifying each other, on helping and challenging each other to grow in spiritual maturity. Today might be right in our face, problems might weigh us down, doubts might be yelling in our ears, and yet, we are called to ENCOURAGE each other to look past all of that. To fix our eyes on the unseen. To remember that God is sovereign and he WILL be coming again. And we are not to take lightly this responsibility of encouraging each other to be ready! 

So what does that type of encouragement look like? Sound like? I think it begins with honest conversations. Conversations about God's word and how the Holy Spirit is moving and teaching. Conversations on prayers, and what you have learned and how God has answered them. Conversations on where we are struggling. and not looking for vindication but rather asking for accountability to gain victory in Jesus' name. I think it sounds like worship coming from our lips. To sing with JOY even if we feel sadness. To raise our hands in praise, even if our arms feel heavy. To pray with others even if it feels uncomfortable. 

Let's work on encouragement! Building one another up in God's word! I prompt you to meet with another woman of MCF and ask how you can encourage them, truly encourage them.

-by Cindy Goding