October 21, 2021 Cindy Goding

The Battle Belongs To...

The Battle Belongs To...

I have had several conversations this week that have revolved around God’s word and the transition that is coming when the Bees move to Iowa. And let me tell you, they have been exciting! They have been full of hope, of looking forward, of gratitude for God’s provision and guidance, and full of faith and trust. Yes, there has been great sadness, but grief and joy can coexist! 

After the meeting last Sunday, I found myself praying and asking God to reveal to the women of MCF their great WORTH and giftedness. I know sometimes it’s hard to figure out where we fit in and how we can aid in this transition that is coming. It’s easy to get distracted by the negative, the anxiety, and overwhelming list of things that have to get done. But God… in his goodness WILL provide what we need! I have always liked the saying, “God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called”. And that is where we are at. Whether we recognize the calling or not, we are all being called to stand firm in the faith, to walk worthy in a manner pleasing to the Lord, to link arms with one another and continue on- even without Pastor Andrew and Eryn. Why? Because that is what we are COMMANDED to do! How? Only through coming together unifying the body of Christ. The best thing? All we have to do is maintain unity, it’s not something we have to create or come up with all on our own. It’s already there. As Drew preached on Sunday, it has already been perfected and intimately designed by the Trinity. So we show grace to each other, mercy, eager to help and serve each other, bearing with one another, and as Walt said Sunday, “being willing to ASK for help and to receive it once given”. Can we do this? ABSOLUTELY!

I talked about how our story matters for the women’s retreat this year and I feel that it is the same for church! This is part of MCF’s story! And all of it matters and will be used by God! However, we need to remember that there is a battle raging. The enemy also wants to use this story to kill, to steal joy, and to destroy hope. So we need to be willing to step into this fight and refuse the enemy any rights to this story. There is so much unknown, but only to us, it is KNOWN by God! He sees, he knows, and he will reveal next steps, and the right person in his timing.

I think about the story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall. It seemed like a daunting and near impossible task- and would’ve been if not all the people came together and worked as one team. It wasn’t easy, and didn’t go without opposition. In fact, one of the best parts of that story is where it says that some fought, some built, and some even built with their one hand and held a sword in their other hand fighting. But the ABSOLUTE best is when Nehemiah reminds the people, “Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight…”

YES! The Lord IS great and awesome and is going to do mighty things through Uncommon Church in Iowa AND Meadows Christian Fellowship in Rolling Meadows.