December 25, 2021 Susan Herold

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Financial Update

This blog post will be published on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas! What a blessed time of year. I do hope you have a lovely time today and remember how your Heavenly Father loves you enough to send His son to be with us and save the world. I do hope your celebration is filled with laughter and love.

This report is about our November financials. Although our income was less than the amount budgeted our operating balance recovered well from the large, out of the ordinary, expenses in October. The operating balance recovered due to the expected but unusually low expenses. I have a historical spreadsheet that goes back to Fiscal year 2005-06 and none of the previous years show operating expenses as low as they were for November. It was expected because our staff is now 3 part-time employees with no benefits. We anticipate finishing this calendar year strong.  

One expense that we know will take place in the new year are repairs to plumbing where we need an expert to come in and do the job. How do we keep our costs low here? We have amazing volunteers like you who come on Church Work Day to help maintain the building. Amazing volunteers who organize events, closets and design graphics or marketing materials. Willing congregation members who organize outreach events from start to finish. Is God calling you to serve in some way? Even if you are not sure where you might serve please fill out this form to let us know: Serving Survey

Finally, I want to remind you that the end of 2021 is coming quickly. Plan accordingly to have your giving counted toward this calendar year. Gifts by mail must be postmarked by December 31st. In person and electronic gifts need to be received no later than Dec 31, 2021.