September 22, 2022 Mark Hoffman

Preparing for Worship - September 25, 2022

Preparing for Worship - September 25, 2022

Psalm 146 tells us that our God is the one who sets prisoners free and gives sight to the blind. Jesus Christ came and did this very thing. This week, we will hear Drew preach from the gospel of Matthew as we witness Jesus literally giving sight to two blind men. This is a picture of what Christ has accomplished in all of his people! By faith in him, our spiritual eyes are opened to see our sinfulness and our need for forgiveness. And again by faith, our eyes are opened to recognize the crucified and risen Jesus Christ as our only Savior and Lord. We will allow the truth of these words of Psalm 146 to draw us into worship this week as we lift our voices to sing Hallelujah To My King. Then as people whose eyes have been opened to the gospel of Jesus Christ, we’ll read together Psalm 123:1-2 and respond in song with Turn Your Eyes and The Same Love.

After a prayer for our Giving, a time of prayer for the Pastoral Search and a few Announcements, we’ll have a special Kids’ Time and some activity bags for all of our young worshipers. Then, the next message in our Kingdom Come sermon series comes from Matthew 9:27-31 as Drew Barnes opens the Word to bring us the story of how Jesus Heals Two Blind Men.  After the message, we will join in taking Communion together, respond in song with Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) and close our service with a Benediction. And don’t forget to stick around after the service for our Fellowship Lunch!

Do you need prayer? Please let us know how we can be praying for you. You can drop a prayer request card in the giving box in the atrium, or send your prayer requests to:

Please find a few moments for prayerful reflection on the Scripture and songs above. Prepare your heart and mind for gathered worship, and pray that God will build up his church and glorify himself through our worship together. This week’s song playlist can be found on Spotify and YouTube. Everything you need to know about our Sunday worship services can be found on our website at

See you this Sunday!