October 27, 2022 Cindy Goding

Are you ALL IN? Or are you going to lose out?

Are you ALL IN? Or are you going to lose out?

By Cindy Goding

On Tuesday night we studied the story of Caleb and Joshua and how they were sent along with the other spies to check out the promised land and report back to Moses what they had seen. Now God had already promised the Israelites the land and all that was in it, but he was wanting them to see for themselves the goodness that is in store for them. There was also an act of faith because there were already people inhabiting the land that were bigger, meaner, tougher, and far outnumbered the Israelites, and yet they were promised this land. But when the spies came back to report, the majority of them complained about what they had seen. They felt it would be impossible to take the land, to win the war, to do what God himself guaranteed. And because of that, the consequence for lack of faith was devastating. Moses and all those around him would not be allowed to enter the promised land, an entire generation lost out. 

Now, we shake our heads at the Israelites and yet, can’t we all relate at some level? Can’t our physical circumstances in front of us become “too big” to see around? To believe that God can mightily move them? Doesn’t the storm sometimes just seem a little too overcoming to think you’ll make it through? Doesn’t the task of kingdom work just seem slightly overwhelming and so instead of forging on we don’t do anything? We shake our heads at the Israelites but we are all guilty of letting what we can see around us hinder our faith in what God can do. 

I have found this to be especially true when it comes to kingdom work. God commanded us to go and make disciples, Jesus’ very last words here on this earth was to have us go and make disciples, the Holy Spirit empowers us to go and make disciples… and yet, we shy away from the task because it seems too “vague” or “abstract” or “time consuming”. I’ve been guilty of this myself! But the matter of fact is, GOD COMMANDED us. And God requires COMPLETE obedience, or there will be costly consequences. See we can’t acknowledge prayer while ignoring discipleship, we can’t encourage tithing while ignoring discipleship, we cannot “love our neighbors” without doing discipleship! And there is simply no excuse here on earth that we could ever possibly have that would hinder us from this kingdom work.

But God IS moving! He will continue to move and grow his kingdom and don’t we all want to be a part of that? Don’t we all want to leave a “lasting impact” here on this earth, one that lasts way past the physical?

Come to the Business Meeting Sunday and hear just how God is moving through the Kingdom Women here at Meadows and how mighty acts of discipleship have started and the impact that they’re making! Come and hear! 

Lord, I pray your Spirit to start a wave of growth, of learning, of passion, of desire and thirst to dive into your word and get to know more of who you are and your love for us. Lord, I pray that women (myself included) understand the significance and importance behind what your last words were to us while before you ascended into Heaven. Lord, I pray that we began to understand the urgency behind this mission and the realization that you ARE coming back and Lord there is so much work to still be done. Lord, I pray that our hearts begin to absolutely break for those who are lost in our lives and I pray for creative and Holy Spirit inspired ways to reach them. Lord, we know that you are moving and we are praising your name for the movement amongst the women. Let it continue, let it flourish, let no man or enemy stand in the way of the mission that you have put us on. Thank you Lord for your goodness. Thank you Lord for these women, they are all dearly loved, holy, and chosen by you.