December 29, 2022 Cindy Goding

New Year, Renewed Purpose

New Year, Renewed Purpose

By Cindy Goding

New Year. 

What’s going to be your focus? What’s going to be your main goal? How are you going to achieve it?

Let’s put some practicality to our resolutions this year. Let’s not just casually say we are going to “get closer to God” but let’s ACTUALLY do that! Let’s not say, “I want to pray more” but let’s intentionally work on spending time in prayer!

How? BY DOING IT! Let’s not be women of just words, but women of ACTION that produces deep and long-lasting faith. 

So find a friend, ask for accountability and lean into the hard that it takes to develop these habits. Habits that will take you further than “health and happiness”. Habits that will strengthen you from your very innermost being.

Discover God’s word together alongside a friend, join a discipleship group, participate in Tuesday Night bible study, head to Prayer night on Wednesdays, find a small group, ask for a mentor. 

Let our focus be growing in our faith in 2023 and agree to be bold in our actions to make that happen!