February 23, 2023 Cindy Goding

How Do You Respond?

How Do You Respond?

By Marcia Jarrett

The women's retreat was a great reminder to see God's glory even during the long and seemingly dreary winter. It was encouraging to live out the women's purpose statement as a group of women from all ages and walks of life came together in a genuine, gospel-focused cabin. We came together to be on mission for Jesus with lots of fellowship and laughter. Cindy and Heather were clearly spirit-led as they guided us through many different sessions. One session that had a great impact on how I will interact with others was about how to share the gospel. I have never heard a more succinct and straightforward way than what Heather laid out for us. So as you work to share the gospel, here are four steps to empower you:

1. God loves you- look at Genesis 1:27 and John 3:16. We are intentionally created in His image and we were each created with a purpose. This is not only good news to new believers, but should be good news for all of us daily!

2. We are not perfect and sin separates us from God- look at Romans 3:23, James 2:10, Romans 6:23. We all fall short of the glory of God. There is punishment for sin, there needs to be a payment. Jesus paid it all and declared, 'it is finished'. 

3. In response to our sin, God sent Jesus to die, be buried and rise again- read Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 Cor. 15:3-5. God shows His love for me, while I am a sinner Christ died for me. Jesus' motivation for dying is His great love for us. We are saved through grace and not by works. It is important to walk through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection as each step is important to the truth of the power of God the Father. He is alive so that I can be alive. In light of this truth, where do you need to walk in new life because Jesus is alive?

4. We need to respond to receive God's power- read Romans 10:9, Luke 13:3-5 and John 10:10. Everyone who confesses Jesus is Lord is saved. After we have presented the gospel we need to help others to know how to respond. This is a step that I often overlook. Ask, "would you like to make Jesus your Lord and Savior?" Through Jesus, life starts now and lasts forever. We have an abundant life in Christ. Do not grow complacent.  

How are you sharing this treasure?  Imagine the impact our church could have if we all started by sharing the gospel with one person, then two and beyond. If this process seems daunting to you, you are not alone. However, we are called to share the gospel to further His kingdom. I encourage you to start by choosing 5 neighbors and begin praying for them. Pray for yourself to see opportunities to share the gospel with your neighbors. Know that this is a process and could begin with a friendly 'hello' to them. Also be praying specifically for your neighbors to come to know God. You may not see the fruit, but by sharing you are planting a seed for God to grow. Let's spur each other on to step out of our comfort zones and to be a light in our neighborhoods.