Helping Students to Know, Love, and Become Like Jesus Christ.

This year we're joining other groups in our church to explore the Bible from beginning to end. Our hope is that students will grow, not only in the knowledge of the Bible, but also in their desire to follow God. 

Final Class of 23/24 season is May 22nd.
Students 6th-12th grades, including incoming 6th graders are welcome to join us for Summer Celebration on May 29th to kick off our summer break.

What does a typical youth group night look like?

Ice Breakers
We play ping pong, pool, and board/card games while everyone arrives.
Then we begin ice breaker games.
Head to the Gym
We play youth group classics like scatterball, jungleball, dodgeball, etc.
We head back to The Loft for snacks (sometimes donuts!)
Lesson Time
We grow in knowledge of the Bible, desire to follow God, and pray for each other.
Simeon and Abi

Simeon and Abi have been regularly attending MCF since 2017. The two met in Albania, where Abi’s parents still serve as missionaries through Torchbearers. They have served in church together in different capacities since junior high, starting as junior helpers for Sunday School and Children’s Ministries at church to leading wilderness camps for young adults and families. Simeon and Abi love the students at Meadows and are grateful for the opportunity to serve them and spend time growing together with the youth.

Youth Group Expectations

We consistently enforce some simple rules to help ensure that all students and volunteers feel welcome, accepted, and safe. The phrase "Stay SHARP" is an easy way to remember these expectations.

We start upstairs in The Loft, and we will stay together the whole night unless otherwise instructed. Students should not be in any other part of the building without permission.

This rule covers everything from annoying pokes to holding hands with your significant other. (But this isn't just about hands! Keep your bodies to yourselves.)

It may seem like a little thing, but this is a leaders-only zone.

Show respect with your words, actions, and attitudes. Respect is key to self-worth and healthy relationships — especially as we help each other discover God's best for us.

Phones increasingly compete for attention during our group nights. Because we want students to fully enter into our community, we ask that all students commit to putting their phones away during youth group. We get that this is hard — and maybe even scary! And we will have grace as we all learn to break habits. But the general rule is this: We will give one warning; if the phone comes out again, the student will be asked to hand the phone over until it is time to head home.  

If you have any questions about Student Ministries, please email Simeon and Abi Lico at

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