Img 7311
Mark Hoffman
  • Director of Worship, Elder
Img 7318
Mary Crook
  • Administrative Assistant

Ministry Leaders

Img 7310
Mark Barnes
  • Director of Men's Ministry
Img 7304
Cindy Goding
  • Director of Women's Ministry
Img 7301
Simeon & Abi Lico
  • Directors of Youth Ministry
Img 7313
Bonnie Pattison
  • Missions Team Chairperson
Img 7321
Matthew Jarrett
  • Building Project Coordinator
Img 7324
Sharon Rickerson
  • Caring Friends Ministry Leader
Img 7319
Marcia Jarrett
  • Co-Director of Children's Ministry
Copy of church family 1
Jacqueline Stutsman
  • Co-Director of Children's Ministry
Img 7305
Larry & Melinda Lyons
  • Cruise Nights Ministry Leaders
Img 7315
Phil & Anna Swartzell
  • Game Night Ministry Leaders


Img 7316
Jeff Hagen
  • Elder Chairman
Img 7311
Mark Hoffman
  • Director of Worship, Elder
Img 7317
Drew Barnes
  • Elder
Img 7312
Stewart Pattison
  • Elder
Img 7571
Victor Johnson
  • Treasurer

It is our biblically informed conviction that Elders are called by God to love and care for all people God draws to the local gathering they serve and oversee. God will also require Elders to give an account for the spiritual health and vitality of those who willingly submit to their leadership through the commitment of church membership. (Heb. 13:17) In order to tend to this enormous task, the New Testament prescribes a plurality of Elders (more than one) radically devoted to the word of God and prayer and committed to building up the church through the spiritual development and deployment of people in their care. It is also our conviction that throughout Scripture God routinely and consistently calls men to give an account for the spiritual state of His people. Therefore, our conviction is that Elders should be men.

Please reach out to the Elders with any questions, comments, or concerns you have.

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